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SINOVATE (SIN) will be providing a summary of news, progress and project development on a weekly basis. This article serves as the latest version of an on-going series, keeping our community informed on all things SIN:


SINOVATE Blockchain Mainnet Upgrade

The keenly anticipated SINOVATE Mainnet Upgrade will go-live at block height 262.000 (approximately 6 days from 08 /10/2019), and will come equipped with wide-ranging enhancements to the SINOVATE Network protocol. Having been thoroughly tested by our Team Members, we are delighted to announce that the New SINOVATE Wallet is now available for download. Community Members must ensure that they update their current Wallets to the latest version, prior to commencement of the upgrade. Further details, including updated VPS Instructions can be found here


SINOVATE is now available on SNODE, which enables the low-cost and simple setup of Infinity Nodes and comes with a secured SIN Web Wallet, as well as auto reinvestment and instant payout features. SNODE’s ecosystem provides a multitude of blockchain-based services, with Community Members benefiting from high quality shared, instant, dedicated and trustless masternode hosting, within an integrated environment. Digital assets and blockchain project support also serve as additional services. Click here to begin hosting your Infinity Node via the SNODE Platform. For any questions, please join the SNODE Telegram Channel.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:



On-going development continued, with notable updates implemented:


  • Change Dev fee
  • Change miner reward
  • LMWA integration
  • Add Official pool height in explorer

In progress:

  • On-chain Infinity Node


SINOVATE have actively been recruiting new talent, adding to the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise already assembled:

SINOVATE recruits Blockchain Advisor

Quentin’s all-encompassing role includes marketing, branding and promoting SINOVATE globally, as well as providing expert knowledge and advise on existing and future use cases. Team Members are highly active on our Discord and Telegram channels, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

Click here for details on all Team Members.


SINOVATE: Infinity Nodes vs Masternodes

Check out this fantastic article by our CX Analyst & Blockchain SME Nick Moore, which provides an insightful view into the differences between SINOVATE’s unique Infinity Nodes Reward System and traditional Masternodes.

Monthly Update

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The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

September 2019 Financial Statement Medium

September 2019 Financial Statement Blog

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Author: Amit Kaushal

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