The Great Swap Challenge: Prepare You for the Future Network!

3 min readMay 2, 2023


Dear Sinovators,

In March 2023, we removed the InfinityNode technology and added new components such as the glorious KawPow mining algorithm, an efficient Proof-of-Stake, and a stable blockchain.
You can read back the Medium article here.
We released a new wallet and proposed that the InfinityNode owner claim their SIN coins. We now have a stable network that will allow SINOVATE holders to prepare for their migration to the future network through a token swap.

State of the Project

In a previous article (here), we explained the SINOVATE infrastructure needed to end to build a new one with the minimal requirements for a decentralized Cloud. Building a new network is the solution. It is a question of time and resources before deploying it. We need developers to have the best technical solution and marketing/business developers to ensure the best brand awareness and coverage.

To support us, we propose The Great Swap Challenge!

The Great Swap Challenge

The Great Swap Challenge

SINOVATE core members propose the following challenge: Increase the SINOVATE market cap to earn a SWAP bonus in new tokens and a better swap dilution in the new network.

This challenge will last until the 30th of December, 2023.

Example: If Bob has 100 SIN coins and the SINOVATE market cap is 200 BTC on the 30th of December 2023, Bob will receive 40 SIN coins for free in the new network’s token. All the SINOVATE coins swapped in the new network will represent a swap dilution of 7.5%. In other words, SINOVATE coin holders will share 7.5% of the new network value. (If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach us in the Discord or Telegram channels.)

Why is BTC the reference? Because we are our main trading pairs in BTC and have considered Bitcoin the ultimate reference for coin value.

Marketing and Exposure

The core members will do everything possible to expose the project without funds (as the team pockets are empty). The SINOVATE community is then the strength of this challenge: Commenting, sharing the challenge, and speaking about the project will be the fundamental components of the growth of the SINOVATE market cap. We propose that our community members use the hashtag #sin_challenge.

We will provide an update every week concerning the evolution of the challenge and will forward news concerning the development of the new network. We are stronger together. (And who knows, the growth of the SINOVATE market cap can give us access to new listings etc.)

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If you have questions, please get in touch with us on social media. Let’s spread the word and reach the highest market cap value for the swap.

Don’t forget to download the last wallet: here.

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