SINOVATE Weekly Update 21/12/2020 ~ 28/12/2020

SINOVATE (SIN) provides a summary of news, progress, and project development every week. This article serves as the latest version of an on-going series, keeping our community informed on all things SIN. 2021 will be a landmark year for SINOVATE with many exciting implementations on the horizon, including the release of our decentralized cloud storage solution Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), the in-house built Pos4 hybrid algorithm, SINOVATE Proof-of-Inheritance, and much more. The SINOVATE team hopes that all of our community members and their family had a fantastic Christmas and wishes everyone a prosperous year ahead.


Deterministic Infinity Node 1.0 article released in English

Learn about the significant benefits provided by our custom-created Deterministic Infinity Node 1.0 technology over the Dash legacy codebase in English. This article also describes our transition from a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency to a masternode enhanced Infinity Node platform, as well as all of the advantages that IDS will offer to individuals, businesses, and institutions everywhere. Many thanks to SINOVATE Quality Manager and French Ambassador Rémy BONNIEU for this brilliant write-up.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



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In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
  • bFTP.

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

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Author: Amit Kaushal

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