SINOVATE Weekly Update 18/05/2020 ~ 25/05/2020


SINOVATE confirms new website release date

The new and improved SINOVATE website will go-live on 27.05.2020. Smooth, stylish, and beautifully designed, our new website enables total ease of navigation and rapid access to all aspects of our project. Stay tuned for further announcements as and when they happen via our discord and telegram channels.

SINOVATE recognized amongst most innovative Masternode Projects in 2020

SINOVATE is delighted to have achieved a top 4 ranking for the Most Innovative Masternode Project — 2020 Community Awards on Masternode Buzz. This category received in excess of 55 entries, with SINOVATE achieving 75 votes. The winning entry was DAPS Coin with 135 votes, closely followed by Divi Project (110 votes) in second and NIX (93 votes) in 3rd.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS


Infinity Node 1.0

  • Revolution of node structures.
    • Pure new custom code.
    • Deterministic Infinity Node infrastructure.
    • Schnorr Signatures.
    • Double run in mainnet.
  • Native mobile wallets.
  • setUP VPS hosting.

I.D.S. — Step 1

• Incorruptible Data Storage.
• SIN Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

Monthly Update




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