SINOVATE Weekly Update 17/05/2021 ~ 24/05/2021

4 min readMay 25, 2021


SINOVATE (SIN) provides a summary of news, progress, and project development every week. We are thoroughly testing the PoS4 hybrid algorithm before the implementation of the upcoming Betelgeuse Mainnet upgrade. Staking will go live soon with no major bugs found. We are in the final testing phase in private testnet, and we will open our doors for public testnet tomorrow.

Stay tuned for new announcements as they happen via Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.


SINOVATE solving cryptocurrency inflation with Proof-of-Burn.

Burning transactions fees is another great way to combat inflation. The more SINOVATE network transactions mean, the more $SIN coins that get burnt. This reduces the supply of coins available on the market.


We continue to experience growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS


We have been, as always, busy developing.

The upcoming Betelgeuse mainnet upgrade and the addition of proof-of-stake for hybrid consensus keep our development team occupied.


10fc6d7 [misc] Fix estimates, add RPCs - giaki3003

86a9fb8 [PoS] enable staking by default, add `setstakin... - giaki3003

357f114 [qt] Fix openssl compilation - giaki3003

30cb06f [PoS] Add new modifier algo, fork testnet - giaki3003

92c775a [gui] minor visual fixes - hardwarewise

ee2aea0 [sin] use the same fork Height of nPoSModSwitch... - crptec

34af1ae [gui] remove lines of code that caused the error. - hardwarewise

b12b8ee [sin] add more controle in updatemetadata - crptec

c49bb82 [build] fix MAC Os compilation error - hardwarewise

63c9821 [sin] add broken blocks - crptec

a5dde5e [gui] change staking switch state - hardwarewise

a7652ee [sin] Fix xpub/xprivs - giaki3003

bcbed70 [sin] set tempo nPoSModSwitch in mainnet, use f... - crptec

aef9846 [sin] set forkheight for new updatemetadata - crptec

b63a60b [sin] use fork height param for meta update - crptec

0ea4afd Update - 008

f757764 [qt] Make select all inputs aware of byte const... - hardwarewise

29c019e [gui] fix home behavior when changing wallet - MIPPL

d7a8eac [gui] expand stats page total nodes field - hardwarewise

e32c91c [pos] Fix restakes - giaki3003

9fe37dc Change Bitcoin to SIN in hardcoded output strings - hardwarewise

628ffa9 [nodeSetup] adapt unlock method to multiwallet - MIPPL

0c7ca5f [nodeSetup] fix commit string for API, remove u... - MIPPL

78d9ab9 [nodeSetup] remove other logprints - MIPPL

6287e4a [sin] Let the indexer catch up when validating ... - giaki300

In progress:

  • Betelgeuse Mainnet upgrade.
  • Fourth-generation custom proof-of stake algorithm PoS4 hybrid-consensus.
  • BTC 0.21 Codebase.
  • Collateral side chain, asset creation InfiniteChain. Alterra Worldwide Partnership.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage. IDS — Step 1. B’Mail, Blockchain-based electronic mail.
  • bFTP. Blockchain File Transfer Protocol.
  • SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).



April 2021 Monthly Update

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