SINOVATE Weekly Update 16/03/2020 ~ 23/03/2020

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the past week has been relatively quiet for new announcements, which is likely to remain the case during the outbreak. Rest assured that we continue to work tirelessly to achieve all of our goals. The SINOVATE team sends its best wishes to our community and all of your loved ones during this difficult time. Please stay at home, follow the rules and most important of all, stay safe.

SINOVATE has released its sixth short explainer video in Turkish, describing the many benefits afforded by our decentralized cloud storage solution, I.D.S. (Indestructible Data Storage). Here, we explain how our innovative, cost-effective big data solution model will be utilized alongside infinity nodes for mass data storage, privacy enabled direct messaging, blockchain-based document and email proofing and much more.

The I.D.S. cloud storage explainer video is also available with English subtitles. Many thanks to Altcoinrookie and @kriptodacom for creating this. Stay tuned for new videos covering all aspects, features, and services that we provide via our YouTube channel and official website.

As of 24.03.2020, the fifth of six missing BIG SIN Node rewards, from the excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. Click here for further details. The final BIG SIN payment will be made on 30.03.20. Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all BIG SIN Nodes can be found here. We apologize for the slight delay in sending payments. Many thanks for your fantastic support.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



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11bbae4 Updated - hardwarewise.

c210bc1 Merged pull request #160 from hardwarewise/master - Cryplander.

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3db375f Merged pull request #162 from hardwarewise/master - Cryplander.

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9f7b3e6 Updated inflation_the_curse_of_traditional_mast... - hardwarewise.

27574ce Merged pull request #163 from hardwarewise/master - Cryplander.

0474fbe Separated metadata in another map. - crptec.

5ddd1ed Instaswap UI base, wip - MIP.

ef8bd11 Instaswap ui, wip2 - MIP.

dbc4341 Instaswap UI finished, start testing, wip - MIP.

5229ca7 UI improvement, compiled issues - MIP.

bab56c8 Instaswap send tested - MIP.

5ddd1ed Instaswap UI base, wip - MIP.

ef8bd11 Instaswap ui, wip2 - MIP.

dbc4341 Instaswap UI finished, start testing, wip - MIP.

d58c747 Merged pull request #1 from SINOVATEblockchain/m... - cyberd3vil.

9e6d2fe Docs updated - cyberd3vil.

af7bf68 Added new file - crptec.

b8980f3 Some visual arrangements were made. - hardwarewise.

36eff60 Merged pull request #166 from hardwarewise/devel... - Cryplander.

In progress:

  • Preparation for double run: infinitynode and masternode in same network.
  • Schnorr Musig for lockreward.
  • Ongoing testnet for Infinitynode v1.0.

Monthly Update

Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

February 2020 Monthly Report Medium


The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

February 2020 Financial Statement Medium

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author: Amit Kaushal



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