SINOVATE Weekly Update 02/03/2020 ~ 09/03/2020

SINOVATE (SIN) provides a summary of news, progress, and project development every week. This article serves as the latest version of an on-going series, keeping our community informed on all things SIN:


SINOVATE Innovation Roadmap Updated

The SINOVATE Innovation Roadmap has been updated. Community members are now able to track the percentage completion status of all upcoming and in-progress releases, including the new QT Wallet, Infinity Node 1.0 Testnet and our decentralized cloud storage solution, I.D.S. Previous releases can also be viewed. Check out our Innovation Roadmap here.

SINOVATE rated 4/5 on CoinCheckup

SINOVATE is delighted to be rated as a 4/5 project on the cryptocurrency research platform CoinCheckup. CoinCheckup provides overviews of crypto projects based on a number of factors, including Open Channels (100% rating for SIN!), Team Strength (92%) and Product Strength (92%). We take great pride in providing full transparency across all business activities, as well as the tremendous talent and sheer hard work always shown by the SIN team. Our Marketing efforts are actively being enhanced, and I.D.S. integration is on the horizon. Watch this space for a 5/5 rating!

SINOVATE seeks new Team Members for Ambassador Program

SINOVATE is currently on the lookout for new team members, who will be tasked with promoting our project across all social and communication channels. Infectious energy and enthusiasm are a must. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Join the SINOVATE Ambassador Program and help to shape our future, by filling in this form.

Third missing BIG SIN Node rewards reimbursed

As of 09.03.2020, the third of six missing BIG SIN Node rewards, from the excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. Click here for further details. Remaining BIG SIN payments will be made between 16.03.2020–30.03.20. Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all BIG SIN Nodes can be found here. Many thanks for your fantastic support.


SINOVATE makes list for Blockchain Projects and Companies to Watch in 2020

SINOVATE is delighted to be mentioned in the International Business Times, as a blockchain project with high growth potential in 2020. The likes of TRON, Waves, ILCoin and Matic are also discussed. The International Business Times offers SINOVATE excellent exposure, as we step up our marketing and promotional efforts globally. Read the article in full here.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



1b55c73 Expired 7 days in testnet - crptec.

ce9e3de Removed limit node call - crptec.

3cfc376 Get node from PublicKey - crptec.

9d29442 Updated metadata nHeight - crptec.

9e6d2fe Docs updated - cyberd3vil.

d01a51e Added coinsbbit exchange - crptec.

81db82e Checked node can call for lockreward - crptec.

0b6bafd Fixed testnet scan Stm - crptec.

e21f4d8 Separation calculated last Stm - crptec.

0655d71 Node rank is updated when switching Stm - crptec.

b3b7b9c Fixed update rank and switched Stm - crptec.

8f0812f Updated lastStm from only blockTip - crptec.

aa6246f Created - Cryplander.

471c78f Updated - Cryplander.

294abfc App icon changed - hardwarewise.

5611632 Image files that are not in use have been deleted. - hardwarewise.

2f4b292 Merged pull request #155 from hardwarewise/devel... - Cryplander.

d3dd383 Updated sin.qrc - hardwarewise.

86b0899 Infinitynode Setup Guide link added. - hardwarewise.

c347c60 Removed unused log in debug.log file - crptec.

0a7abaa Updated masternode.cpp - cyberd3vil.

In progress:

  • Preparation for double run: infinitynode and masternode in same network.
  • Schnorr Musig for lockreward.
  • Preparation for test Infinitynode v1.0.

Monthly Update

Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

February 2020 Monthly Report Medium


The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

February 2020 Financial Statement Medium

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author: Amit Kaushal



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