SINOVATE Weekly Update 01/02/2021 ~ 08/02/2021

SINOVATE (SIN) provides a summary of news, progress, and project development every week. This article serves as the latest version of an on-going series, keeping our community informed on all things SIN. Stay tuned to our social media and communication channels for updates as and when they happen.


HODL Coin Offering articles published

Learn about how participants of the SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering (HCO) will earn up to 15% APY (annual percentage yield) for locking 75k SIN for a one-time-only 12-month period, equating to 11,250 SINOVATE coins. For all of the advantages of the HCO cold-staking facility over other passive income options, the campaign rules and procedures as well as participation instructions, see the articles below:

Cold Staking Without a Cost — Sinovate Launches HODL Campaign

How to spot a project for the long term

HCO: Passive Income in Defi

The SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering is now closed for entries. This marketing campaign remained active for 54, 000 blocks (75-days) and ended around 04.02.2021. Any attempts to enter after the 75-day window will be disregarded. Many thanks to everyone who took part.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



526e7ea Update infinitynodelockreward.cpp - alkindud

077d148 [gui] adapt splash logo and send screen - MIPPL

000750d [gui] adapt receive screen - MIPPL

0831c2e [gui] adapt export screen - MIPPL

49967cb [gui] bump version, adapt icons - MIPPL

da6aa79 Update infinitynodeman.cpp - alkindud 4

5cb3b2 Merge pull request #372 from alkindud/patch-3 - giaki3003

a5b0fac [gui] add new files - hardwarewise

b33fb7b [gui] delete unused files - hardwarewise

0fbf0ac [gui] add new image and style files - hardwarewise

c4749e5 [gui] adapt the forms to the new themes - hardwarewise

4f0b919 [gui] add three options theme - hardwarewise

In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
  • bFTP.

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

Blockchain Stats

Monthly Update

Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

January 2020 Monthly Report Medium


The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

January 2020 Financial Statement Medium

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Author: Amit Kaushal

Blockchain dCloud Storage

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