SINOVATE successfully implements Hard Fork

The problem: What happened?

The SINOVATE team was made aware of a reward generation issue specific to the MINI Infinity Node Tier at block height 583,500, where nodes created after the 1000th were not receiving rewards consistently. 71 Mini Nodes were affected in all. The impacted network participants were users that created a MINI Node between 09.01.2021 and 24.02.21. Anyone that made a MINI Node before this period was not affected.

How was this issue resolved?

Prior to block 617,000, the maximum amount of nodes per tier was limited to 1,000. Our custom-created Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) codebase has now been modified to ensure that rewards are continuously received throughout the 12-month node life cycle. Additionally, limits across all infinity node tiers have been removed. This presents current and would-be network participants with enhanced opportunities to benefit from the SINOVATE network, as it continues to grow in strength, security, and value. Fixes from the previous wallet are as follows:

  • — [consensus] Added a height-based DIN delta forking mechanism.
  • — [DIN] New delta values added, set a fork for block 617,000.
  • — [misc] Many memory leak patches.

When will impacted nodes be reimbursed?

All impacted nodes will be reimbursed by 09.03.2021. Payments will be based on the current ROI (return on investment) of the MINI Node Tier, which stands at 560 SIN per block. Eligible nodes will be paid from block 583,500 to 617,000. Please note that rewards will only be received during this timeframe.


SINOVATE successfully implemented a hard fork at block height 617,000, in order to resolve associated issues for MINI Infinity Node rewards from block 583,500 to 617,000. PC and infinity node wallets had to be upgraded beforehand to continue receiving rewards. Our custom-created DIN codebase has now been further enhanced, preventing reoccurrences of similar issues and ensuring superior performance is always maintained. All impacted nodes will be fully reimbursed by 09.03.2021, with no long-term losses incurred. Thank you for your fantastic support.



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