SINOVATE (SIN) December 2019 Monthly Report

December 2019



SINOVATE is now available on MEREBEL, a user-friendly, Multi-Node-Pool and Auto-Exchanger Platform. MEREBEL’s dashboard provides a simple platform overview as well as user account statistics. This includes the total amount invested, number of active Masternodes and a real-time view of investment return per Masternode.

SINOVATE explainer videos

SINOVATE will be releasing a series of short explainer videos for all aspects, features, and services provided. Check out the first of these here, which outlines the many benefits of our X25X Algorithm. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more!

New Infinity Node places to open in May 2020. IDS Step 1 soon to follow

At the end of May 2020, around 500 new Infinity Node places will open. These will provide a very high return on investment, due to SIN coin scarcity and continuous coin burn factors. The first-year node cycle was required for the adaptation, security, and stability of Infinity Nodes. Also, this enabled Community Members to increase their coin amounts.

SINOVATE Official Website v2 sneak preview

Check out a sneak preview of the new and improved SINOVATE Website, which will be vastly quicker, slicker and more user-friendly than the current version.

SINOVATE & TREZOR Blockbook Explorer released

SINOVATE is delighted to confirm that a Blockbook Explorer, which is required for TREZOR Hardware Wallet integration has now been released. Community Members will be permitted to store their SIN coins via secure cold storage, providing advanced security measures against theft on and offline. Stay tuned for further announcements. Thank you for your tremendous support.

SINOVATE releases Upgraded Core Wallet

SINOVATE is delighted to announce that our Upgraded Core Wallet is now available to download. This update comes equipped with wide-ranging enhancements and additional features, serving as our best product to date. Community Members must ensure that they update their wallets to the latest version by 05.01.2020, when the SINOVATE network protocol will be upgrading. Further details regarding improvements, as well as VPS upgrade instructions, can be found here.


SINOVATE is now available on CAT.EX. CAT.EX formed in August 2018, and ranks amongst the top 26 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. This exchange contains a transaction mining facility, which permits users to accumulate dividends via a profit-sharing platform. Great pride is taken in providing high availability and performance, advanced security and stability, as well as high quality and efficiency at all times. Trading officially commenced on 23.12.2019 at 1:00 PM UTC, across SIN/BTC and SIN/ETH markets. Buy SINOVATE via the CAT.EX exchange platform today.

Binance Info’s V Label project SINOVATE (SIN)

See our recently updated Weekly Report via the Binance Info website.

SINOVATE achieves Best-Performing Masternodes ranking on Masternode Buzz

SINOVATE achieved a third-place ranking during #Week48, on Masternode real-time news source Masternode Buzz. We are extremely proud to be recognized as one of the best-performing Masternodes in the entire cryptocurrency industry. This would not be possible without the hard work and dedication always shown by the SINOVATE Team, as well as the continued support of our fantastic community. Big thanks to you all!


SINOVATE is now available on cryptocurrency exchange platform SWOP.SPACE. SWOP.SPACE enables simple and near-instant cryptocurrency trades automatically, with no hidden fees. Registration and KYC verification are also not required. Buy SINOVATE on SWOP.SPACE today.

Infinity Nodes: What we have achieved thus far

6.5 months ago, the Infinity Nodes innovation officially began. Pessimists wondered if SIN coin holders would burn their funds, and questioned if our network would ever contain more than a handful of nodes. Our self-belief and commitment to the cause have never wavered, only strengthening with the brilliant support shown by the SINOVATE Community. The following statistics back up our claim that we are well on our way to solving inflation issues, within the crypto sphere permanently:

SINOVATE releases R.S.V. E-Governance Core Wallet

SINOVATE is delighted to announce that our R.S.V. E-Governance Core Wallet is now available to download. This release comes equipped with community governance enabled. Also, all Community Members are permitted to cast their vote, regarding solutions for the recent Infinity Node reward generation issues. Click here for further details. Thank you for your amazing support.

SINOVATE ranks at 74 in cryptocurrency coding activity on GitHub

Github never lies. The SINOVATE Team continues to work tirelessly all year round to achieve its goals. The proof is in the pudding, as shown via our 74th placed ranking for coding activity. Our development activity can also be monitored on CoinCodeCap. Stay tuned for updates on TREZOR wallet as well as I.D.S. Step 1 integration.

Midas Exchange launched and lists SIN

SINOVATE is delighted to announce the listing of SIN to the Midas Exchange, launched by Midas.Investments. With the closure of leading exchanges brings opportunity for change, and evolution for new and fresh exchanges to take their place. Midas helps and supports Masternode and Proof-of-Stake projects, by providing a complete solution for trading, managing, and monitoring cryptocurrency investments.






Weekly updates for December 2019 can be found below:



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