SINOVATE releases Native Mobile Wallet

SINOVATE (SIN) is delighted to announce the official release of the SINOVATE Native Mobile Wallet across all platforms. Both the Android and iOS versions are available here. Our slick and stylish mobile wallet was designed with ease of use in mind, making for an all-round simple, seamless, and user-friendly experience. This release is the first of our mobile series and comes equipped with a wide range of fantastic features, all available at the touch of your fingertips:

Dark and light modes

Instant Send and receive functionality

View all transactions received and sent

SINOVATE Blockchain statistics, including total network hashrate and the real-time price per SIN coin in BTC

Total burnt SIN coins including fees, Infinity Node statistics across all tiers and return on investment timeframes

Import and export private key capabilities, thus always permitting complete control of funds

This looks great, but why do I need another wallet?

At SINOVATE, we strive to provide the finest features and technological advancements to our community. It isn’t always possible to be at your PC or laptop to carry out SIN transactions and manage your funds, especially with the busy lifestyles we lead. With this in mind, the SINOVATE development team was determined to produce a state of the art mobile wallet, offering the utmost convenience to all SIN coin holders no matter where they are.

Will the Mobile Wallet be upgraded in the future?

SINOVATE endeavors to deliver cryptocurrency innovations yet to be witnessed at all times. Additional unique features will be implemented in the near future, including SIN messenger, private direct messaging, SINANCE HODL earnings via the SINOVATE treasury funds, and mobile application data mining. Stay tuned for further details. As always, we welcome suggestions from our community for other integrations.

What else is in the pipeline?

The period spanning from the end of May to the month of June will be very exciting. The new and improved SINOVATE website went live on 27.05.2020, while one-click infinity node setUP cold hosting has been available since 28.05.2020. The next round of infinity node openings will commence in June, which will offer significant investment returns for all participants. Further details will be released in due course.

Additionally, infinity node 1.0 new pure code, the latest upgrade, an updated release of the SINOVATE Whitepaper Light, and the XXL, 130-page SINOPEDIA version are also on the horizon next month. All development activities can be tracked via the SINOVATE Roadmap. We continue to reach our targets, despite the on-going challenging global conditions. Many thanks for your brilliant support.

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

Website Discord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook .Linkedin. Team.YouTube.Reddit.Instagram.

Author: Amit Kaushal



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