SINOVATE Monthly Update

7 min readAug 1, 2019

July 2019

Much like June, July has proven to be an extremely active and productive month for the SINOVATE (SIN) Team. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.


SINOVATE lists on Midas Platform, obtains highest rating and best coin to invest in status

Midas is a highly trusted Masternode Ecosystem, providing shares proportional to levels of investment. Additionally, a review was published, considering SIN to be a Fresh Take On Masternodes. Our substantial rating on Midas is a noteworthy achievement, as this platform is considered a market leading service for many Masternode investors. We thank our community for placing their trust in us

SINOVATE announce listing on Midas InstantBuy

Through InstantBuy, investors are able purchase SIN at live market rate instantly and directly on the Midas Platform, with zero fees, once the MIDAS Lock-in is initiated. InstantBuy has also introduced Cashback; instead of paying trading fees to purchase your SIN, InstantBuy allows investors to earn Bitcoin (BTC) from purchasing coins. InstantBuy also offers direct benefits for our project.

The majority of the BTC you spend will be held in a managed trust fund, providing structured price support for SIN on exchange, decreasing volatility and increasing price strength. A proportion of your BTC will also be directly received by the SINOVATE Team as BTC revenue, enabling project development for the foreseeable future.

SINOVATE Announces Strategic Partnership with ZelCore

SINOVATE has listed on ZelCore (Zel), and is available across Android, iOS and all Desktop platforms. As well as maintaining full control of their SIN coins, Community Members will also be able to concurrently access 150+ other assets. Zel features include top quick-swap exchanges and multiple encrypted wallets and accounts permitted on the same device. Additionally, same account access is also enabled across multiple devices, without compromising privacy. SINOVATE considers this collaboration as a key step in achieving greater recognition and mass adoption,by enabling the wider Cryptocurrency Community to gain exposure, awareness and understanding of our offering. We look forward to working with the ZelCore Team, who will assist us in developing our resources, innovate and stay ahead of the game.

Zelcore Wallets across all platforms can be found here:


SINOVATE is well-known for promoting total transparency, but this has now been taken to an entirely different level. We are delighted to officially announce that SINOVATE has joined the Binance Info Transparency Initiative, which will provide a one stop source for our community to keep abreast of SIN related news, updates and progress.

Binance Info is a cryptocurrency information platform, providing users with accurate and comprehensive crypto market data, news, and project rating reports. As an open information platform, Binance Info encourages all users to participate in maintaining accurate information on crypto projects by creating token profiles, editing missing or incorrect project information, contributing to news sources, and more. Users can help the community better understand coins and tokens.

We are immensely proud that SINOVATE has been granted a V Label Certificate. V Label significantly assists us in truly legitimizing our offering across the wider cryptocurrency spectrum. This is because a verified status guarantees authenticity, meaning observers will be safe in the knowledge that the SIN page is maintained and updated by Team Members at all times.

SINOVATE has listed on Binance Info with a Standard Rating of 3.5. The official report can be found here


The Izmir Network Meetup held on 29th June 2019 was a casual, outdoor Summer gathering. Attendees included Chandler Song — CEO of ANKR Network, as well as Turkish Influencers and Cryptocurrency Specialists.

A number of worthwhile contacts were made, with Tamer’s speech providing a detailed background on our project. We shared a number of ideas with Chandler and this meeting served as an enjoyable, informative networking experience.

We strongly believe that Summits, Crypto Conferences and Meetups are the ideal platforms for SINOVATE to inform the cryptocurrency and wider community of our unique structure, innovative vision and vast array of current and future use cases. Therefore, SINOVATE will be discussing the full extent of our offering by participating in functions on an on-going basis.


Nodehub provides everything Masternode investors need in a single place by choosing, deploying and receiving notifications on the Masternodes of their choice



  • Added burnTx in RPC call
  • Added expiry height and Country to Infinity Node Explorer
  • Added expired graph to Explorer
  • Added transactions/values per day to Explorer
  • Added world map to Explorer
  • Added and optimized Explorer pools page within database
  • Added fix for explorer block height
  • Added fix for Explorer grammatical errors
  • Added fix for Explorer Rich list
  • Fixed “deadlock” for Mining Pool

In progress:

  • New Explorer optimization
  • Explorer UI design
  • Add FlashSend notification
  • Add FlashSend valid list to Explorer
  • Hardfork implementation
  • One-Click Infinity Node function via SINOVATE website
  • Update Stats Explorer to include burnt coin and active Infinity Node details, as well as network hash rate. Due for release imminently
  • Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) integration during Komodo’s August 2019 Annual Hard Fork
  • Revolving Sovereignty Votes (RSV) E-Governance in testnet phase. Official implementation to go-live during August 2019
  • Github activity: 1000+ line code — As ever, our Developers have been busy fine tuning and enhancing the SIN code base


Malicious miners continued their attempts to attack the SINOVATE Network, but with the assistance of our fantastic community, these threats were successfully resolved.


Discord surpasses 5000+ users and 1000+ active users mark

Organic growth continued, reflected by an increasing active user base on our Discord Server. Twitter followers have reached close to 3250, while our Facebook page now has over 6300 followers.


We are delighted to welcome new Team Members to the SINOVATE Family.

SINOVATE recruits Greek and Global Community Ambassador

Zeus will promote and support SIN within the Greek Community. He will also market and maintain SIN on a global scale, addressing any questions and concerns raised by our wider community.

SINOVATE recruits Russian Ambassador & Marketer

Sofya will market and maintain SINOVATE within the Russian Community, through the creation of promotional campaigns. Also, she will moderate Social Network channels, seek to acquire free Exchange Listings and generally increase interest and awareness of SIN.

SINOVATE recruits Spanish Ambassador and Marketer

Eduardo will promote, support and establish SIN’s marketing efforts within our growing Spanish Community.

SINOVATE recruits Turkish Ambassador & Marketer

Hasan will market and promote SIN within the Turkish Community. Team Members are highly active on our Discord and Telegram channels, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

SINOVATE Greek Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE Spanish Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE Russian Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE Chinese Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE Malagasy Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE French Whitepaper and Website published

SINOVATE Turkish Whitepaper and Website published


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SINOVATE is now a sponsor of Bitcoin & Friends, and features on Episode 2 in Russian. Watch and solve the riddle in this video for the chance to win $700!


July’s Monthly Financial Statement has been published

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author: Amit Kaushal