SINOVATE Monthly Report

October 2019

The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed October. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.

SINOVATE Blockchain Mainnet Upgrade

The keenly anticipated SINOVATE Mainnet Upgrade went live at block height 262.000, and came equipped with wide-ranging enhancements to the SINOVATE Network protocol. Having been thoroughly tested by our Team Members, we are delighted to announce that the New SINOVATE Wallet is now available for download. Community Members had to ensure that they updated their Wallets to the latest version, prior to commencement of the upgrade. Further details, including updated VPS Instructions can be found here

SINOVATE In-house Mobile Wallet Android Edition ready for Public Testing

The SINOVATE Android Wallet is now available for Public Testing. Community Members need to sign up with their e-mail addresses and must confirm registration, in order to participate. Please ensure that spam folders are checked, should confirmation emails not be received. As this is a closed beta test, please ensure fund security by not sending your personal SIN coins to this Wallet, until the final version is officially released. During the testing phase, Community Members are encouraged to post their Wallet Addresses to the #mobile-wallets channel on our Discord Server. Free SIN coins for testing purposes will then be received. The iPhone Testflight version is currently awaiting confirmation from Apple. Further details will be communicated in due course.

SINOVATE attends Eurasia Blockchain Summit

On 18/10/2019, SINOVATE CEO and Co-Founder Tamer Dagli attended the Eurasia Blockchain Summit in Istanbul. Tamer used this networking opportunity to great effect, establishing high-profile contacts such as Huobi MENA Regional President Mohit Davar. Mohit was impressed by SINOVATE’s vast array of features and use cases, as well as our 6.7 million transactions in one year. Whilst we cannot provide time frames regarding future listing on the Huobi exchange, Tamer has begun the relationship building process. Stay tuned for further updates. Additional pictures, as well as a video from the Summit can be viewed here

SINOVATE Core Wallet Teaser: Infinity Node stats to be displayed

Above is a teaser of the upcoming SINOVATE Core Wallet, which will display Infinity Node statistics in real time. Further details regarding the Wallet release will be published in due course. Availability across all tiers (375 Nodes each) is fast decreasing, so grab the remaining Infinity Nodes while you can!

SINOVATE Chain Wealth Distribution enhanced

75% (previously 74%) of total SIN Wallets currently sit outside of our Top 200 Rich List. This represents increased decentralisation, consistent community growth as well as controlled inflation spanning across the SINOVATE Network. We are proud to enhance equality and fairness for all, solidifying our stance as an easy-entry Masternode (Infinity Node) project. SIN’s wealth distribution is unmatched by many other cryptocurrencies, a resulting factor of having no ICO or Premine since day one.

Binance Info’s V Label project SINOVATE updates Weekly Reports

Check out our recently updated Weekly Reports via the Binance Info website.

Community Growth

We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:


SINOVATE Facebook followers exceeds 20.000

SINOVATE’s Facebook following has now exceeded over 20.000 members. The SINOVATE Team constantly strives to market and promote our project across all social media platforms, with this new landmark representing the fruits of our labour. We wish to thank the SINOVATE Community for its continued support.

Bug fixes and Wallet upgrades


  • Change Dev fee
  • Change miner reward
  • LMWA integration
  • Add Official pool height to explorer
  • Release Hard Fork version
  • Update main explorer
  • Testnet update with new version of On-chain Infinity Node List
  • Core Wallet Stats

In progress:

  • On-chain Infinity Node
  • New Reward Algorithm: Deterministic Infinity Nodes

Completed (Mobile Wallet) :

  • Android Wallet Beta Released

Github Commits

Articles & Reviews

SINOVATE: Infinity Nodes vs Masternodes

Check out this fantastic article by our CX Analyst & Blockchain SME Nick Moore, which provides an insightful view into the differences between SINOVATE’s unique Infinity Nodes Reward System and traditional Masternodes.

Globalization & Family

SINOVATE have actively been recruiting new talent, adding to the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise already assembled:

SINOVATE recruits Blockchain Advisor

Quentin’s all-encompassing role includes marketing, branding and promoting SINOVATE globally, as well as providing expert knowledge and advise on existing and future use cases. Team Members are highly active on our Discord and Telegram channels, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

Click here for details on all Team Members.

Partnerships & Monitoring Listings


SINOVATE is now available on SNODE, which enables the low-cost and simple setup of Infinity Nodes and comes with a secured SIN Web Wallet, as well as auto reinvestment and instant payout features. SNODE’s ecosystem provides a multitude of blockchain-based services, with Community Members benefiting from high quality shared, instant, dedicated and trustless masternode hosting, within an integrated environment. Digital assets and blockchain project support also serve as additional services. Click here to begin hosting your Infinity Node via the SNODE Platform. For any questions, please join the SNODE Telegram Channel.

SINOVATE congratulates CITEX on its First Anniversary via Lucky Wheel Lottery

Well-renowned Digital Trading Platform CITEX celebrated its First Anniversary during October 2019. SINOVATE celebrated this landmark occasion via a Lucky Wheel Lottery. Community Members had the chance to win guaranteed SIN coins, by scanning the above QR Code. Participation rules for the Lottery can be found here

SINOVATE lists on CREX24 Exchange. BTC, ETH and RUB pairs available

SINOVATE has officially listed on the CREX24 Cryptocurrency Exchange. CREX has experienced substantial growth since launching in 2017, and serves as a convenient and functional trading platform for crypto investors globally. With its considerable daily volume and consistently growing user base, this exchange is our largest listing to date. SIN coins can be purchased on CREX24 via the following trading pairs:


SINOVATE lists on Just-Mining

SINOVATE is now available on Just-Mining. This Masternode hosting platform seeks to create mass adoption of Blockchain Technology, through simple and intuitive investment solutions. Community Members are able to setup Infinity Nodes effortlessly, courtesy of a simplified control panel. Setup your Infinity Node via Just-Mining here

SINOVATE lists on CoinCodeCap

SINOVATE has now been listed on CoinCodeCap, which ranks cryptocurrency projects according to their Github activity:

View details of SIN on CoinCodeCap here

SINOVATE lists on Prokci (Proxy) with exclusive SIN only payment

SINOVATE has officially listed on Prokci (Proxy in English), whose wide-ranging security services include SOCKS proxy, VPN, SSH, FILE storage and Masternode Hosting. Transmitted information can be encrypted on demand, enabling access to public payment systems, as well as permitting virus, spoofer and sniffer protection. Community Members can take advantage of 20% discounts across all services, exclusive to SIN coin holders. WMZ E-Currency (WebMoney Payment System) can also be converted to SIN. Setup your Infinity Node via the Prokci Platform here

Financial Statement

Our latest Financial Statement can be accessed in various formats:

October 2019 Financial Statement Medium

October 2019 Financial Statement Blog

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates for October 2019 can be found below:

SINOVATE Weekly Update 30/09/2019 ~ 07/10/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Update 07/10/2019 ~ 14/10/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 14/10/2019 ~ 21/10/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 21/10/2019 ~ 28/10/2019

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

Website . Discord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook . Linkedin . YouTube . Team

Author: Amit Kaushal



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