SINOVATE Monthly Report

November 2019

The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed November. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.

SINOVATE Mobile Wallet Beta go-live date set

Having been thoroughly tested both in-house and by our wider community, the SINOVATE Mobile Wallet Beta went live on 21.11.2019. Getting SIN on the go has become a whole lot easier. Mobile Wallets are available on both Android and iOS devices. An updated version of the Mobile Wallet with all bugs fixed will be released shortly.

Free SINOVATE Game launched: Play and earn SIN coins on the go

Check out the community-developed SINOVATE CryptoCurrency App. Play easy to learn games for free, and earn SIN coins on the go. The more you play, the better your chances of hitting the jackpot. New and exciting games will be added to this app continuously, for additional ways to earn SIN. Take cover, and watch out for bombs! Many thanks to Community Member @net for creating this.

ZCORE Infinity Node Setup Video

Running an Infinity Node just became a whole lot simpler. This video tutorial is designed for beginners, with minimal experience of setting up an Infinity Node or Masternode. All that is needed is a Web Interface. No Linux or command lines are required. Click here to set up your Infinity Node via ZCORE. Big thanks to Mikey for making this video.

Community Created Gambling Website SinBomb goes live

The community created SinBomb Gambling Website is now live. SinBomb is a fun, provably fair game, which utilizes Blockchain to determinate game results. SIN coins serve as the native currency for all associated running costs. Community Members are permitted to play unregistered for free hourly, with 0.5 SIN bets. Register and play now with any amount of SIN coins here. Many thanks to Community Member @Startsts for creating this.

SIN Tournament on OreCoinGames: Win 4000 SIN Coins

OreCoinGames just love SIN! Participants had the chance to win 4,000 SIN coins. 20,000 SIN coins were up for grabs in all, which were equally distributed between 5 winners. Winners were drawn on 24.11.19. Tournament Rules and Procedures were as follows:

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5 random winners to receive 4,000 SIN each

SINOVATE YouTube Streaming v1.0 goes live

The SINOVATE YouTube Streaming v1.0 Channel is now live. Click here to view details in real-time, including current price, Infinity Node stats, project updates and much more. As always, community feedback is welcome. Have your say, and help to make the stream even better!

SINOVATE Tournament goes live on OreCoinGames

A SINOVATE Tournament took place on OreCoinGames. Participants had the chance to win up to 10K SIN coins. Rules and Procedures had to be followed as below:

Deposit SIN coins. Play and win top prizes:

20 winners in all


  • 1st place: 10K SIN
  • 2nd place: 5K SIN
  • 3rd place: 3K SIN
  • 4th place: 2K SIN
  • Places 5–10: 1K SIN
  • Places 11 -20: 500 SIN

SINOVATE exceeds 1000 Node landmark

SINOVATE are delighted to have exceeded over 1000 Active Nodes within our network. This landmark could not have been achieved, without the sheer hard work, dedication, and passion our Team displays every day globally. Grab the remaining Infinity Nodes while you can. Many thanks to the SIN Community for its fabulous support.

SINOVATE Roadmap V3 released

SINOVATE Roadmap V3 has been released, which outlines our plans until 2023. From Hardware integration, InfiniteChain activation right through to providing unlimited Incorruptible Data Storage globally, the SINOVATE Team continues to work tirelessly to achieve all of its goals. Thank you for your fabulous support.

SINOVATE publishes Updated Whitepaper V2 Light

The updated version of the SINOVATE Whitepaper V2 Light has been published in Medium format. Further details regarding all features, products, services, development progress, current, and future use cases, as well as our Business Strategy, have been provided. In-depth information regarding all of the above will be available via the Whitepaper V3 XXL, to be released in due course.

Community-created SINOVATE Faucet goes live

The fantastic SINOVATE Faucet, which enables SIN coins to be claimed hourly, is now live. 10% referral rewards are available. Also, there is a level system permitting maximum rewards to be acquired and specific captcha requirements to be bypassed. Many thanks to Community Member @Startsts, for his generosity and hard work in creating this.

SINOVATE achieves Top 5 Social Media ranking on Omni Analytics Group

SINOVATE are proud to have achieved a Top 5 (4th to be exact!) Social Media ranking on Omni Analytics Group, who have analyzed the correlation between market cap and Twitter presence for all Masternode cryptocurrencies during the last 2 years. We continue to grow exponentially, thanks to the continuous and sustained efforts of the SINOVATE Team to market and promote our project globally. SIN’s fantastic community drives our passion to succeed, and establish ourselves within the crypto sphere for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your amazing support.

SINOVATE Core Wallet: Additional Teaser

Above is an additional teaser of the upcoming SINOVATE Core Wallet. Previously, we provided a snippet of how Infinity Node statistics will be displayed in real-time. This feature has since been upgraded, to include remaining days left for Infinity Nodes to achieve a return on investment. Links to the SINOVATE Website, Discord Server, Telegram Channel, and Twitter Page will also be available, for ease of access to our communication channels and social media platforms. Further details regarding the release of the new Core Wallet will be published in due course.

Binance Info’s V Label project SINOVATE updates Weekly Reports

Check out our updated Weekly Reports via the Binance Info website.

Community Growth

We continued to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:


Bug fixes and Wallet upgrades


  • The world’s first algorithm, allowing reward candidates to be determined via the BurnFundTx height. Stability of the SINOVATE Network will substantially increase, as candidates will be deterministically identified. Unstable nodes mean this cannot be easily achieved by traditional Masternodes.
  • Core Wallet GUI.
  • Tx fee increased.
  • Blockbook for Trezor.
  • Build JavaScript library for Web and Mobile Wallet.
  • Valid algorithm of LockReward.
  • Fix sync new list from Blockchain.
  • Change RPC infinitynodeburnfund: Use new list, add Backup Wallet. address.
  • Https for Blockbook Server.

In progress:

  • Schnorr Signature (giaki).
  • Trezor Wallet (mip).
  • Onchain Metadata (xtdevcoin).
  • Clientside Mobile Wallet from scratch (adem).


SINOVATE Blockchain Governance Proposal

Our latest Governance Proposal relates to transaction fees, as well as the upcoming Wallet Upgrade. Transaction fees were tested internally. The SINOVATE Community cast their votes for an alternative fee, unanimously voting in favor of 0.15 SIN. Further details regarding this proposal, as well as Wallet enhancements, can be found here

Thank you once again for your fantastic support.

Partnerships & Monitoring Listings

We Shop with Crypto accepts SIN Coins as payment method for all items

SINOVATE is now an approved vendor on We Shop with Crypto. Use SIN coins to buy any items, including Clothing, Electronics and E-Goods and Services. There are no fees for purchases made with SIN, with vendor fees at only 2%. This is a fantastic step forward in our continued efforts, to have the SIN currency accepted by merchants globally.

Community Members had the chance to win 5 vouchers, each worth 10% on all items, by retweeting this tweet.

SINOVATE wins Community Vote for LUXGATE Atomic Swap Platform listing

SINOVATE are delighted to have won the LUXCORE (LUX) Community Vote, aiding our listing onto the LUXGATE Atomic Swap Platform. LUXGATE enables peer-to-peer, wallet-to-wallet direct cryptocurrency trades, without third-party intervention. DDoS Attack prevention, unlimited network capacity, no fees, decentralized order books and decentralized order matching serve as platform features.

We have already accumulated 8323.75 LUX, and will continue to add to this until the 16.000 LUX required for a Masternode is reached. This link transparently shows projects to be listed onto the LUXGATE Platform, together with existing LUXCoin holdings. We would appreciate the community’s support to achieve this target and are ready to reimburse our members in SIN coins, following proof of sent coins to our public LUX address. LUXCoin is a fantastic project with a great community. Much like ourselves, they are constantly building and evolving Blockchain Technology as we know it. Thank you for your brilliant support.


The latest Financial Statement can be accessed in various formats:

November 2019 Financial Statement Medium

November 2019 Financial Statement Blog

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates for November 2019 can be found below:

SINOVATE Weekly Update 28/10/2019 ~ 04/11/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Update 4/11/2019 ~ 11/11/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 11/11/2019 ~ 18/11/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 18/11/2019 ~ 25/11/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 25/11/2019 ~ 02/12/2019

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

Website Discord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook .Linkedin. Team.YouTube.Reddit.Instagram.

Author: Amit Kaushal




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