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First collaboration for real-world usage confirmed

SINOVATE (SIN) is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Manganorobot. This collaboration represents a significant landmark for SIN, as our decentralized cloud storage (I.D.S., aka Incorruptible Data Storage) and document authentication (S.D.V., aka SINOVATE Document Verification) solutions will be adopted for real-world usage for the first time. Please refer to the SINOVATE website and SINOVATE Whitepaper V2 Light for further details on the extensive benefits offered by these services. This article will discuss how Manganorobot will utilize I.D.S. and S.D.V., why their business operations will be enhanced, and what this partnership means for SINOVATE.

Who are Manganorobot?

Based in Turin, Italy, Manganorobot has successfully disrupted the industrial automation market since 1999. Founded by Brothers Daniele and Claudio Mangano, technical support is provided to customers across the globe through bespoke, specialist services within the following areas:

  • Support for programming of industrial robots.
  • Technical support and strategic development of online and offline software PLC.
  • Technical professional training.
  • Technical advice, feasibility studies, process management, organization of automated systems, and turnkey solutions.

Manganorobot works closely alongside a multitude of world-class, high-performance car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, and Jaguar.

Why do they need I.D.S. and S.D.V.? How do they benefit?

In order to gauge an in-depth understanding of the decision to partner with SINOVATE, we asked Manganorobot’s CTO and Partner Pasquale Zullo, who played an instrumental role in forming the agreement:

1. How will Manganorobot use the SINOVATE blockchain?

Our goal is to use the SINOVATE blockchain in many areas of our business, especially in the initial phase of a new automated system project, during the offline programming and simulation process. At this stage, many revisions and transfers of large files are sent to engineers for control and approval, as well as a series of technical checks, including external collaborators. During the commissioning phase, our technicians modify and test robots. Depending on customer requests, movement programs are also created and finalized.

During all of these critical phases, manipulation, verification of files, a single version error of the program, or eventual external tampering would incur additional costs. Thanks to the new technology services that we intend to put in place, we will not only avoid errors but will also further reduce costs, thus optimizing the quality and service provided to the customer, both in economic and reliability terms.

2. Is the plan to integrate I.D.S. and S.D.V. across multiple locations over time?

Our project initially plans to integrate I.D.S. and S.D.V. for our offline programming and simulation team, during the early stages of testing. In the future, setting up infinity nodes in all of our offices across three continents will be a possibility. Offline robot programming involves multiple checks, which are carried out by internal and external engineers. Modifications, sharing of large files and 3D graphics in order to create virtual reality are also required. This will be our starting point. Subsequently, we plan to integrate communication and data verification directly into the production plants of our next automation projects around the world.

3. What are your long-term goals for your collaboration with SINOVATE?

The long-term goals are certainly to continually improve our industrial automation services for all of our current and future customers, by making the most of the enormous potential offered by blockchain technology and SINOVATE services. Applying the same techniques in our robotics and PLC programming training sector would streamline all of our services. Thus, this will create a new generation of services never seen before. MR and SIN certainly have one big thing in common: innovation.

What does this partnership mean for SINOVATE?

This partnership is a significant stride forward for SINOVATE, as we seek to have our product offerings adopted by businesses all over the globe. I.D.S. Stage-1 will be implemented in 2020, at which point Manganorobot will officially integrate the first working product. DataSend Level 1 allows exchanging up to 1.5 MB of encrypted documents between two parties. Unlimited sending and storage of data will be permitted upon implementation of Level 5(Private Networking), which will take place during the third quarter of 2022.

Startups, no matter what size, require an opportunity to prove their worth. This is precisely what our collaboration with Manganorobot will enable us to do. Once we are able to showcase the unlimited potential of I.D.S. and S.D.V., we believe that many doors will open for future partnership opportunities, across a multitude of sectors worldwide. The best is yet to come. The SINOVATE team will continue to work tirelessly to achieve all of its goals. Many thanks to our community for the fantastic support.

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Author: Amit Kaushal




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