SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering Marketing Campaign goes live

Cold staking without a cost

Sounds great, but how will this actually work?

In order to explain how the HODL Coin Offering will work, please see the examples below:

Point, Click, EARN.

What are the rules of this campaign?

Rules for the HODL Coin Offering marketing campaign have been set out below:

  • The campaign will run for 75 days.
  • Payments will be made during three, six, or twelve-month intervals, depending on your choice.
  • A maximum of 75K SIN may be time-locked per address.
  • There is no cancellation of locked coins.
  • Participants must wait for the maturity date of their lock period to receive rewards.
  • All transactions and amounts NOT in these intervals will be excluded from entry.
  • The duration of this campaign is thirty-two thousand and four hundred blocks (75 days). You cannot enter before or after this window.


The SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering lowers entry points for would-be network participants, further establishing our reputation as a fair-for-all autonomous decentralized organization. Full decentralization of the SINOVATE blockchain will always be ingrained within our culture. Your vote counts. All future proposals will be community-driven continuously. Thank you for your fantastic support.



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