SINOVATE Bi-Weekly Report 15/09/2021 ~ 30/09/21

5 min readSep 30, 2021

Starting this week, we will be releasing Bi-Weekly reports instead of weekly reports. This was decided to have more content on our reports.

The BETELGEUSE release had successfully passed the testnet phase some time ago. Furthermore, it requires additional development to fix compatibility issues among our custom Proof-of-Stake, Deterministic InfinityNodes, and the Bitcoin core codebase of 0.21x.

We have been developing our upcoming mainnet for a while, but we have encountered unforeseen delays. Delays always happen for code perfection.

Members who have been with us for a long time already know that hardfork times are always like this. The community is a little quiet, and there is less activity than usual.

However, every hardfork release constantly improves everything and, of course, our code. This hardfork is especially important because we moved to a new codebase, adding proof of stake to our consensus. The proof of stake code we develop is not used before by others because it is our new code. This new codebase and the infrastructure it brings will be the foundation of everything that we will build for the future, so it must be rock solid.

BETELGEUSE Mainnet Wallet

We are here to build a storage platform for decentralized cloud services. That is our only goal. We want to give power of data in the hands of people, and we will achieve this sooner or later in slow but sure steps.

Again, we thank you all for your patience and support, and we will not let you down ever!


We are very close to our release of the BETELGEUSE mainnet upgrade.

  • The mainnet upgrade will consist of a new custom fourth-generation proof-of-stake algorithm, aka PoS4.
  • The hybrid consensus will bring triple-network security for our blockchain.
  • The new Bitcoin core codebase, 0.21.99, contains vast improvements in security, speed, and accessibility.
  • Mobile Wallet will include InfinityNode 1-Click node setUP in our mobile application with the never-before-seen node status features.
  • We prepared bridges to be used in DeFi exchanges of Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Thank you for your patience and tremendous support!


It has been three years since our genesis block, and we feel very dynamic as ever.

For the last three years, we have accomplished;

  • 770K+ blocks
  • 16,414,836 transactions
  • 109,755,673 burnt transaction fees
  • 1,715,500,000 burnt node colalteral
  • 1,304,423 total addresses
  • 2002 InfinityNodes


We continue to experience growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS


We have been, as always, busy developing.

The upcoming Betelgeuse mainnet upgrade and the addition of proof-of-stake for hybrid consensus keep our development team occupied.


[gui] fix typo

[sin] add timer for to avoid Qt screen locked by cs_main

[sin] fix some info in GBT

[sin] remove LR info by height.

[misc] Remove version filtering from when we forked

[setUP] send miner transaction after setup

[android] bump to 2.0.8

[iOS] bum to v 2.0.8

[new ui] change dark blue color

[new ui] change font to made tommy

[new ui] adapt intro screen (1)

[new ui] change pinpad styles

[new ui] implement non-filled button

[gui] add Made Tommy font

[new ui] implement mnemonic recovery input

[gui] change InfinityNodes icon

[gui] change InfinityNodes icon

[ui] import mnemonic ended

[gui] change some toolbar icons

[new ui] finished intro pages

[gui] change pos and tx_mined icons

[new ui] add background svg in intro

[gui] change wallet download icon

[new ui] add changes to dashboard

[new ui] finish dashboard and lower toolbar

[new ui] remove arrows, bump to 29

[new ui] change wallet icon, remove arrows

[new ui] send screen (wip)

[iOS] fix font family name

[sin-qt] notification/update balance after sync



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Stay tuned for new announcements as they happen via Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

As always, Thank you for your tremendous support.

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