SINOVATE awarded Most Exciting Data Protocol during the HackerNoon Noonies 2020

3 min readOct 23, 2020


Runner-up spot achieved for Most Exciting Data Storage And Sharing Project

After months of competition, SINOVATE (SIN) has been awarded first place as the Most Exciting Data Protocol during the Noonies Tech Awards 2020, HackerNoon recently revealed. SINOVATE also finished as runner-up in the Most Exciting Data Storage And Sharing Project category.

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“As in all elections of great importance, tallying the official results of Hacker Noon’s annual awards took somewhat longer than expected. Thank you for your patience! 221 Winners (and 442 Runner-Ups) of The Internet can now officially be declared.”

The Noonies awards are technology industry awards conducted annually, introduced online by HackerNoon, created to acknowledge and reward the most innovative products in technology today. Introduced in 2019, HackerNoon’s first annual Noonies honored the contributions of over 500 internally and publicly nominated technologists, thinkers, makers, and leaders in tech. The second edition ran for an extended period of three months, and Hacker Noon recently announced the winners.

From unique burn capabilities to running collateralized nodes, Infinity Nodes to the upcoming I.D.S. (Incorruptible Data Storage) data protocol & storage services, SINOVATE is renowned for bringing pure innovations to the blockchain space by presenting free open source code for other projects to use.

I.D.S. will provide superior decentralized cloud (dCloud) solutions to ensure the utmost stability, security, speed, and low cost.

While we have established a strong and loyal following since our inception in September 2018, HackerNoon will elevate our marketing efforts to unprecedented levels.

With over 12,000 contributing writers and 4,000,000 + monthly readers, the HackerNoon news source will provide significant exposure to all aspects of our project on a global scale. Blockchain enthusiasts, venture capitalists, techies, and product managers everywhere will now be exposed to the SINOVATE project, potentially increasing our user base tenfold. The SINOVATE team wishes to thank our fantastic community for voting and making mass adoption of our offerings one step closer.

For more information on the upcoming D.I.N. AURORA mainnet upgrade and upcoming SINOVATE innovations, stay tuned to our website and social media channels.

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Author: Tamer Dagli (Cryplander)