SINOVATE Announces Partnerships, as Infinity Node Mainnet approaches

Hard fork Details Announced

In preparation of the keenly anticipated Infinity Nodes Mainnet launch, which will take place at block 170.000 (around 31/05/2019), SINOVATE (SIN) has officially partnered with the widely renowned cloud computing providers VULTR and DigitalOcean. Digital infrastructure services will permit community members to operate Infinity Nodes simplistically and seamlessly, through the form of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Further information on the VPS services provided by VULTR and DigitalOcean, as well as price ranges can be found below:

What is a VPS?

A VPS can be defined as a virtual machine which replicates an Operating System (OS), through the form of a hosted service enabling users to gain specialised accessibility to a specific OS instance. This in turn permits the installation of a vast array of software running on the OS, as well as facilitating web storage and data transfer capability. In SINOVATE’s case, a VPS will be used to host the software for Infinity Nodes.

VPS vs Shared Hosting and Dedicated Web Servers

Having carried out extensive research on all available options, the SINOVATE Team were unanimously in favour of implementing a VPS Hosting option, as opposed to traditional Shared Hosting and Dedicated Web Servers. While Dedicated Servers offer full control of hardware and software installations, they are less easily affordable. The cost-effective nature of Virtual Private Servers means that operating an Infinity Node will be inexpensive, despite the requirement of a 24/7 uptake.

Also, mass scalability enabled by a VPS significantly reduces the impact of bloated Internet servers, creating additional capacity to host multiple instances of Infinity Nodes in the process. This serves as great news to the SINOVATE community, as reward distribution will remain consistent with minimal disruptions at all times.

In addition, Virtual Private Servers boast enhanced privacy, security and protection over Shared Hosting options, as there are no other instances of websites on your server. Users therefore always retain full access to their files. Furthermore, a VPS enables around the clock RAM availability, which entirely prevents others, unlike in a Shared Hosting environment from utilising resources when you require them most. Virtual Private Servers will be available across multiple geographic locations, and will come equipped with dedicated 24 hour customer support.

Partnership Benefits

SINOVATE’s partnerships will offer community members with attractive discounts, which can be used to acquire credits for maintaining Infinity Nodes. Referral Terms and Conditions have been outlined below:

VULTR Referral

1. $25 earned for every new unique paid user you refer.

2. The users you refer receive $50 to test out our platform*.

3. Referred users must be active for 30+ days and use at least $25 in payments to be counted as verified sales.

4. Payouts are finalised and issued on the business day following the 1st and 15th of each month.

5. Your referral link uniquely identifies your account. Use this code when linking to

Referral code:

Digital Ocean Referral

Receive $100 credit upon registration, to be used within a 60 day period.

Referral code:

Hardware Requirements

Minimum specifications required to run a VPS are as follows:

1 GB/ 1 CPU

25 GB SSD disk

100 GB transfer

Bug Fixes

Public Testnet, which has been ongoing since 15th April 2019 has brought to light a number of issues within the functionality of Infinity Nodes. With the help of SINOVATE’s fantastic community, these have all been identified and successfully resolved:

SINOVATE Final Testnet Wallet V3 has been released, and contains bug fixes for all of the above. Community members are free to test this prior to the hard fork. Updated Infinity Node setup guides are also available: add it in your appdata/SIN Folder for connection)

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

Website . Discord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook .Linkedin.YouTube.Team.

Author: Amit Kaushal




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