Mandatory Wallet Upgrade!

2 min readFeb 27, 2023


Dear Sinovators,

On the 22nd of February, 2023, occurred a hardfork that has been explained in this announcement: here. This hard fork was necessary because of the large security and stability issues brought by the InfinityNode technology. This technology requires consequent refactoring to be able to host data. The rewind version is the heart of the new phase of our project: Nephele which was the reason for a Discord community vote. A new wallet is incoming where the upgrade is MANDATORY.

NOTE: For InfinityNode holders, it is MANDATORY to read this publication.

New wallet version 24.1.3

This new wallet is going to fix the following issues:

  • The block reward of 50 SIN was shrunk by the transaction fees instead of remaining constant in time. This patch should guarantee a reward of 50 SIN whatever the number of transaction fees we have.
  • The PoW difficulty will be lower to correspond to the network capacity. Indeed, PoW miners can’t mine properly the blocks and it is necessary to have created blocks from both consensuses. KAWPOW is the new algorithm and is supported by many software such as awesome miner or NiceHash. We are asking for having our blockchain proposed by these solutions and mining pools.
  • The wallet was crashing during the staking. We have corrected this issue and users should enjoy a better experience. If you are curious about our novel and unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) solution, you can find information here.

How to upgrade?

First of all, download the new wallet SINOVATE v24.1.3.

The bootstrap is here.

Case 1: If you did not have opened your wallet since the 22nd of February, 2023, you just need to run the downloaded wallet.

Case 2: If you are still on the BETELGEUSE 22.0.3 version, please, install the bootstrap by following this guide before running the downloaded wallet.

Case 3: If you are on the SINOVATE 24.0.1 version and you have MINTED coins after the date of this publication, install the bootstrap by following this guide before running the downloaded wallet.

If you have any issues, please, contact us on Discord.

Thank you for your support and Have a nice week!