MANDATORY: InfinityNode Owners must claim their Rewards!

3 min readFeb 24, 2023


Dear Sinovators,

The recent hardfork will remove the InfinityNodes, and they will no longer receive rewards. The hardfork will mint the coins (1.3 billion SIN) to this address to fill all the existing nodes of their remaining blocks. The remaining blocks are all the blocks from the hardfork blockheight to the node expiration.

For instance, if you have a MID node with 180 remaining days, you will receive all the coins you should receive in your Payee address during this period. If the ROI is 20% at the snapshot height, you will receive 300,000 SIN coins in your Payee address. It will be a procedure for ALL the existing nodes (setUP and self-hosted solutions). It is then mandatory to turn off your self-hosted solutions to not spend more electricity.

Here is a little guide for the InfinityNodes owners on the DESKTOP.

NOTE: For Mobile users, the owner addresses are the ones where you receive payments. An update will be done in the next two weeks to ease getting owner addresses. Keep in touch.

Step 1: Open the wallet v22.0.3 and Write Down Your Owner Addresses.

WARNING: I am currently on the new chain with the SINOVATE V24.0.1 wallet

You’ll need first to install back the old chain by following this tutorial and using this bootstrap (here).

Now, I am currently on the old chain with the BETELGEUSE wallet

Open the wallet BETELGEUSE v22.0.3 and go to the InfinityNode table.

Note the Owner Addresses listed in the table that are presented in the following figure.

You can have labeled your Owner Addresses as the following figure.

Then you can find the associated in [Windows > Receiving Addresses] as presented in the following figure.

TIP: Save the list of Owner Addresses in a Google Sheet or Notepad.

Step 2: Enter your Owner Addresses in the Claiming System

This is here:

You just need to enter your Owner’s Address and that’s it.

The claiming procedure will be operational for 3 months from the 24th of February 2023 to the 24th of May 2023. it won’t be possible to claim rewards after this period. A periodical message (every two weeks) will warn users. The claimed rewards will be paid within 3 days. The system will burn all the unclaimed coins of the address.

NOTE: If you are dealing with an issue in this guide, please join our Discord and ask for help in the support channel.


Thank you for your support and keep in touch, big things are coming!

To update to the last wallet version and the new chain: