BSOD carries out Criminal Activity

The purpose of this article is to respond to BSOD’s Official Press Release, dated June 8th 2019, and to expose this Mining Pool as a Criminal Enterprise.

In their own words, BSOD states:

The SINOVATE Team is blaming BSOD for this error, but this claim is not unfounded.

On 06/06/2019, it was reported to the SINOVATE (SIN) Team by a number of Community Members that mining rewards were not being distributed to workers. SINOVATE found that the BSOD Mining Pool was intentionally burning every block which it found.

BSOD’s argument is baseless, and cannot be seen as a defense.

BSOD states: “We note that almost simultaneously, a significant part of the hashrate from many pools went in an unknown direction. In the screenshot below, we have identified this time interval with two parallel vertical lines, and you can see that the hash rate has decreased significantly in the pools “”, “” and “”. Therefore, the accusations that this hashrate belonged to the pool do not make any sense to say the least — it does not make sense for us to direct our hashrate to another pool, thereby losing commissions and helping competitors to find blocks … the pool … is interested in the popularity and high market rate of a particular cryptocurrency. Accordingly, there is no point for the pool to act in a destructive way on a project.”

What’s Next?

We are extremely disappointed with BSOD’s actions, and will instill measures to ensure that the SINOVATE Community does not experience reward theft again in the future. We have worked tirelessly over the last few days, in order to implement the following solutions:

  1. Mandatory Wallet Upgrade V1.03 and Fork at block height 176.500 for the vulnerability fix. SINOVATE Community members must upgrade to this Wallet, prior to block 176.500.
  • Additional sin nodes reward checks, enforced at block 176.500
  • Sin nodes stability improvements
  • Expired and New Start Required fix
  • Faster synchronization



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