Betelgeuse unites with Constellation for a Unique Upgrade of SINOVATE Network

What is the BETELGEUSE upgrade?

  • Bitcoin Core 0.21: The SINOVATE codebase is built upon the Bitcoin Core technology because of its reliability and security. It is a tech-wise-oriented upgrade to improve the development ecosystem and the blockchain infrastructure. Regular users will notice a performance improvement during the network synchronization and smoother wallet usage. For instance, this update will guarantee a higher level of security for “light client” wallets, such as optimizing the “Bloom filters” mechanism that is originally privacy-unfriendly. This upgrade also includes descriptor wallets, TOR v3, new RPCs, and other changes. You can find more information here:
  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS4): Nowadays, SINOVATE guarantees Nakamoto’s block validation consensus with a Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining. The network is reinforced with different components such as LWMA, ReOrg Fork 51, and a unique feature, LockReward, to secure the Proof-of-Service (PoSe) layer. Scalability, decentralization, and security are crucial for blockchains and worldwide blockchain-based cloud infrastructures. Even though the X25X used in SINOVATE PoW mining is one of the lowest energy-consuming algorithms, PoS is the king for a greener block validation while bringing an extra layer of security and higher decentralization. Hence, SINOVATE developers introduced a new iteration of the already solid kernel-based PoS protocol pioneered by Peercoin. Compared to PoW mining based on the hardware powers, PoS is the more funds you hold up as a stake, the more rewards from produced blocks you are eligible to receive.

What is the CONSTELLATION Mainnet upgrade?

When will the next update occur, and why a unique release?



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